List of Equipment

The Officers and Members of BB-PICAG are gratefully indebted to the City of Baguio and the DOTC for the use of the building at Session Road corner Fr. Carlu Street which serves as an office and also houses the group’s equipment.

The listed equipment were obtained by the group from their own funds and initiative. Most of these equipment were donated to the group by people who sincerely believe in the cause of BB-PICAG.

1 unitAmbulance
2 setsMedical Oxygen with accessories
6 setsFirst Aid Kits
3 setsBlood Pressure Apparatus
1 setVHF-UHF Repeater System
4 setsVHF Mobile/Base Radio
4 setsVHF Portable Radio
2 setsBull Horn/Public Address System
1 unitChain Saw
1 unitGenerator Set with accessories
1 setHydraulic Ram Kit with accessories
1 unitStoke Basket with accessories
4 setsKendrix Extrication Device
8 unitsStretchers (Military Specifications)
6 pcs.Long Spine Board
6 pcs.Short Spine Board
1 lotKermantle Ropes
1 lotRappelling Gears
1 lotKarabiners and Shackles
4 setsBasic Life Support Dummies
2 setsFlood Lamps with Stand (500W)
1 lotPersonal Protective Equipment
1 setRope Ladder
1 lotC – collar
1 lotSplints (Various Sizes)
2 setsScuba Gears
5 pcs.Halligan Tool
2 pcs.Fireman’s Axe
2 pcs.Wedge Hammers (10 lbs.)
4 pcs.Shovels
2 pcs.10-ton Pulleys
1 pc.Crow Bar
1 lotWooden Cribbing
2 pcs.Shoring Jacks
4 pcs.G.I. Pipes (10″ long)
20 pcs.Swivel Clamps
3 setsTents (various sizes)
1 lotOffice equipment

The above listed owned equipment are not sufficient to respond to the people in need. Operatives have been trained to innovate and utilize available materials/equipment on site. The BB-PICAG members and friends have pledged the use of the following personal equipment to augment the owned equipment during operations.

The BB-PICAG looks forward to civic-minded citizens and companies who can DONATE the following equipment to help us serve better the people who call on us in their time of need.

20 unitsService Vehicles
1 unitPayloader
1 unitTruck with Crane
1 unitHURST Jaws of Life SC 250 E Tactical Combi
10 setsFirst-Aid Kits
4 setsBlood Pressure Apparatus
5 setsVHF Mobile/Base Radio
15 setsVHF Portable Radio
1 setBull Horn/Public Address System
1 setHydraulic Ram Kit with accessories
8 pcs.Long Spine Board
10 setsKermantle Ropes (150″)
10 setsRappelling Gears
10 setsKarabiners and Shackles
2 unitsChain Saw
1 unitGenerator Set with accessories
1 unitElectric Demolition Hammer
8 setsFlood Lamps with Stand (500W)
1 setCutting Outfit with accessories
2 pcs.Wedge Hammers (10 lbs.)
10 pcs.Shovels
4 pcs.10-ton Pulleys
20 pcs.Shoring Jacks
10 setsHydraulic Jack (2-40 ton capacity)
2 setsSelf-Contained Breathing Apparatus
1 setBolt Cutter
7 setsTents (various sizes)