About Us


The Baguio – Benguet Public Information and Civic Action Group (BB-PICAG) exists because of its mission to serve the community. The vision is to serve without expecting anything in return and to serve with the heart for anybody needing assistance regardless of their religious affiliation, economic status, political beliefs and cultural differences.

Volunteerism and civic participation is all about loving where care is a necessary ingredient.

BB-PICAG was organized after the city was plagued by a 40-day black out succeeded by typhoons that caused major landslides in the city, killing number of persons in 1972. It was organized by a group of former law enforcers and stout hearted civilians in 1975 and affiliated with the National Program “OCR-PICAG” during the Martial Law days.

From a humble beginning with only 38 volunteers, it grew to a group with a roster of more than 400 active non-government volunteers and an Umingan Chapter engaged in providing timely and relevant information, rendering emergency assistance, engaging in activities to help address disaster risk reduction, climate change, and other activities to help promote safe and progressive communities. They are there 24 hours for 4 decades now ready to deliver services directly to the people in need augmenting the limited resources of the government.

This institution and its members are principle-centered, maintains integrity and commitment, aspire for excellence and practice good governance. It has received numerous prestigious national, regional, local awards and citations for the outstanding works and services it has performed.

BB-PICAG does not solicit from the government and relies mainly on the generous assistance from private institutions, concerned individuals and the high-spirited members themselves.

Despite this institutions’ limited physical resources, its initiative, resourcefulness, innovativeness and harmonious relationship with the community caused it to deliver a consistent outstanding performance. It has become a role model of many new organizations to do community activity. The daily “Good Samaritan” deeds of the BB-PICAG is exhibiting to the world how to sacrifice one’s self for the betterment of the many. It enjoins the participation of people to focus to the vision for an improved quality of life.



BB– PICAG to engage in voluntary civic action in:

  • providing timely and relevant information to the public;
  • rendering emergency assistance focusing on rescue, relief and rehabilitation services;
  • engaging in activities to help address climate change; and
  • undertaking other activities to help promote safe and progressive communities.



The Leading Volunteer Organization involved in Community Service and Emergency Assistance working harmoniously with the Community.



Principle Centered : We respect the rules of God, man and nature

Integrity : We adhere to our values. We do what we say.

Commitment : We are a doer and not a dreamer.

Aspiration for Excellence : We deliver the best possible service and upgrade our capabilities through continuous learning.

Good Governance : We exhibit institutional & individual leadership, competence, resourcefulness and being non-political, non-partisan and non-sectarian.



To render service, aid and assistance to the citizenry where safety and the welfare of the general public is concerned.



  • To actively render assistance in the dissemination of information for the benefit of the public.
  • To actively render assistance in the Rescue and Relief Work on events of calamities or disasters.
  • To render assistance in the maintenance of Peace and Order.
  • To initiate and actively participate in the implementation of projects that may redound to the growth and development of the citizenry and the community.


BB-PICAG emphasizes a clear-cut line between public service and public dependence. It defines VOLUNTEERISM in its Motto “The Willingness to Serve, the Ability to Perform, and the Courage to Act…. Because We Care”

You too can help! Experience with us the “Best Work of Life”.

Volunteer! Contact us at (074) 442-8911 or email us at info@picag.org.



• Gawad Kalasag Award, OCD-NSC-NDCC 18 October 2004
• Civic Action Group of the Year Award, Constabulary Highway Patrol Group 1990
• Most Outstanding Civic Group of the Philippines, Chief of Staff General Fidel V, Ramos 1989

• Cordillera Gawad Kalasag Award, Best in Private Responders, OCD-RDCC 31 July 2007

• Outstanding Non- Governmental Organization, Community Service Sector, City Government of Baguio, 01 September 2005
• Outstanding Civic Group Award, City Government Baguio, 01 September 1989
• Special Citation, Municipality of La Trinidad, Benguet 1988
• Special Service Award, City Government of Baguio, 01 September 1984
• Special Service Award, City Government of Baguio, 01 September 1980